7 Negative Effects of Facebook

1. Does not Care about His/Her Surroundings

When someone is already addicted to Facebook, there is a big possibility that he/she would not care about his/her surroundings. This person will care about nothing more than the message they are waiting for a reply on.

2. Less Social Interaction

Though you may have a lot of friends on Facebook, how often do you interact with them in the real world? Come on, you are human! Humans are supposed to be social.

Facebook will reduce your social skills, communication skills, as well as verbal skills if you spend most of your time with the internet.

3. Bad for Health

You reduce your physical activity, since sitting in front of the monitor and snacking all the time is not good exercise. By the end of the month, you have made yourself become less attractive in front of your opposite sex, due to excessive weight gain.

4. Reduce the Time for Study

You still go to school, right? So, why don’t you stop browsing Facebook now, and flip open your books so that you can study?

5. Less Family Concern

Family comes first and foremost. Do these words still have its meaning for Facebookers? Sometimes, Facebook friends are more important than those of family members.

6. Privacy Blow Up

Many teens that use Facebook are not concerned about their privacy, and seem to keep their profile on the public setting. This provides no protection against non-friends. This is really important for your safety to put your profile on private.

7. Possibility of Conflict

If you are addicted to Facebook, maybe you know about the immense amount of immature people who create irritating status updates or embarrassing photos from the weekend. These actions are definitely a very good way to set up conflicts with others.

3 thoughts on “7 Negative Effects of Facebook

  1. Facebook, according to report on NPR, has conducted facial recognition even on one year-olds, contrary to law in some U. S. states. They are prostituting everyone by information brokering, without regard for who they sell the information to. To comment on an NPR show, one must give them information. Human traffickers are welcome to follow those one year-olds for the rest of their lives, and Facebook does not care. Mark Zuckerberg the Philanthropist apparently never considered the money-making end of the care for mankind. I had my invention of the Love Button, published over a year age, stolen within four days of discussing it on a Facebook site. If anyone makes money off it, I want 20% inventor’s fee, but now cannot even push that heart button without, you guessed it, giving them information. This is all documented on WordPress at mmcdonald77/Inventions. Know any layers?

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