Mountain Biking, Levadia, Greece

SAM_0494.jpg This is the Stadium of the Levadiakos which is also the starting point for the mountain…SAM_0487.jpgThese houses are next to the Stadium on the right…SAM_0495.jpgSo we begin…SAM_0484 2.jpgYeah i’m resting! I’m not ashamed of! :p…SAM_0482.jpgA shot of the trees…SAM_0477.jpgYeap these are our bikes…SAM_0474.jpgThis slim road was my favourite part for mountain biking…SAM_0453.jpgThis is the end of the road and we can see a small church builded in the mountain’s rock…SAM_0450.jpgThis is the left part of the city of Levadia as we see it from the top…SAM_0455.jpgAnd this is me and my younger brother…(THANK YOU FOR CHECKING OUT MY POST)

8 thoughts on “Mountain Biking, Levadia, Greece

    • No problem! Yes you should come in Greece cause here are so many beautiful places and islands and sun and beaches also historical places, i am not from Greece but i live here and i can say that it is the perfect combination…

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