Flowers, A Source of Inspiration Since Time Immemorial

The captivating beauty of flowers has always been a source of inspiration and fascination for people of all ages all around the world. Their intoxicating smell and the rainbow of colors, makes them a favorite of those who can appreciate their aesthetic qualities. Whether it is for expressing your love or as a gesture of affection or as a source of inspiration for poets, flowers are an integral part of our lives and are a staple on birthdays, funerals, graduation and weddings. They offer themselves as natural air fresheners, decorative elements, oils and scents, mood enhancers, medicinal herbs, pest repellent and most importantly serve the function of pollination which sustains our ecosystem. But besides being beautiful they also have a special meaning behind them.Sunflowers-as-an-Inspiration“Learn from nature’s beauty. These flowers are not only lovely when they’re in full bloom, but they also have meanings that can encourage and inspire you along life’s journey”

Below are some Flowers with their commonly accepted traits:

Iris: Faith

Have faith. Believe in the impossible and never give up on the dreams of your heart.

Poppy: Imagination

Let your eyes be open to all the different opportunities around you. Dream big!

Lotus: Purity

If you’re feeling washed up and damaged, know that your soul is pure. You’re perfect and whole just the way you are.

Sunflower: Happiness

Find the joy in your life with this happy flower. Take a lesson from the sunflower, stand tall and forever smile!

Orchid: Strength and Beauty

Have confidence and don’t hide in the background. There is strength in your beauty!

Rose: Love

The most beautiful of flowers, the rose inspires us to love each other. Be the very essence of love with your kindness, patience and willingness to endure.

With so many interesting facts and meanings associated with them, it is no wonder that people love growing flowers and look at them as a source of everyday inspiration and personal growth besides using them as decoration for their homes and special occasions. They are refreshing and exotic beautiful entities that have been loved by people all across the world for centuries.

Flower meanings are a source of inspiration for romantic couples as well. Understanding different flower type, the meanings of flowers and what they symbolize can add an emotional or spiritual dimension to your choice in floral arrangements. As a bride you can express your deepest love and intimacy for your groom with your choice of wedding flowers. It is the perfect secret love language just for the two of you.

It’s no wonder why Flowers are nature’s crowning beauty, the longer you gaze at them the stronger they grow onto you.

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