Amazing Rain Pictures

Christophe Jacrot, also known as Rain Man, is a French photographer who takes awesome pictures of cities caught up in bad weather. He travels around the world, intentionally experiencing different weather conditions, in order to convey some melancholy and romantic charm through his works.

Paris, France

Hong Kong, China
New York, USA
Nice, France
Chicago, USA

’’Just by learning to accept the world as it is and accepting the weather with all of its whims you can develop a new, holistic view of the world”. Christophe Jacrot.

23 thoughts on “Amazing Rain Pictures

  1. Me neither, Theresa! Zoe said it best, I think, for me. But I just want to add something to her post/reblog….that quote by Monsieur Jacrot is so true….and also by enjoying all kinds of weather and you remain in full control of your mood. Gray weather? Gray is a gentle color, and looks good on most of us. Wet weather? We could all use a good rinse!! Sunny weather? Smile along with Ol’ Sol! Hot weather? ah…er….well, so maybe I do have a line. 😉

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