Angel Falls, Gran Sabana, Bolivar, Venezuela

Angel Falls is the world’s fascinating waterfall in Venezuela and recognized by UNESCO to be the world heritage. It is called Angel Falls due to its extreme height. At a height of 979 meters and a depth of 807 meters, it is 2.5 times higher than the famous Empire State Building in USA and 15 times higher than Niagara waterfall in the border between USA and Canada.As for all the natural wonders of the world, you will hear a series of stories about its discovery, and Angel Fall is not an exception. Sir Walter Raleigh was said to be the first to have discovered this magnificent waterfalls. However, Ernesto Sanchez La Cruz, a Venezuelan explorer, who discovered it first in 1912 while this issue was discussing. He did not announce his discovery. It was not until 1993 that Crawford Angel, a American pilot, rediscovered Angel Falls and then the world knew its existence.It was also an accidental discovery as James Crawford Angel on the road looking ore and flying across this place. Then he returned to Angel Falls with her wife and three people for the second time in 1937. While he was trying to land his Flamingo plane on the top of The Falls then, unfortunately, the plane was broken because its wheel sunk into the mud. Thus, the crew had been trapped in the area for 11 days until the exit was found out. Then the story about his flight was spread and he also announced discovering the world highest waterfall. In addition, it is named after his one. Located on the campus of Canaima National Park, southeast of Venezuela. It starts from a small meandering river flowing throw the rocks to the top, named Tepuy. Water flow then flows down 738 meters before it is divided into smaller waterfalls flowing into the river. As it seen from a distance, it looks like a huge soft white silk highlighting on the scenery of cliffs and jungle. It is described as a “forgotten paradise” when people contemplate it. In the morning, the whole mountain is alight with pink of sunrise. Photographers especially love the scene after it rains and rainbow appear gradually. This time, they might have favorite pictures of amazing natural landscape.In 2009, Angel Waterfalls was nominated to compete in seven new natural wonders of the world. Eventually it has been the third place and in the present ranking it is one of the top 28 natural wonders of the world.

Angel Falls is one of the most attractive destination of Venezuela. However, reaching Angel Falls is not easy because you have to reach by a plane. In cloudy days, Angel Falls is hard to see. During dry season (December to March), it has less water but on the top of the falls, it will not have much cloud. There are many travelers, who are not afraid of difficulties, still come to this place. Participating in one of three attractive traveling forms such as sailing, flying or hiking because they want to have a realistic look, perfect than the beauty of Angel Waterfalls and breathtaking natural landscape around the waterfall as well.Angel Falls, VenezuelaThe best time to visit Angel Waterfalls is in the rainy season from June to October. At this time, the water flow is best for your excursion on the river, on extremely interesting dugout canoes. Tours by dugout canoes including camping overnight in hammock camps at the foot of the waterfall, along the river. For hiking tours are also very popular. This tour takes travelers through dense forests along the rivers, gorges and green pastures. Travelers hike through the tropical forests, contemplating the unique and diversity of wild animals and plants and experiencing dangerous terrains of Venezuela. It is considered as a special tour that travelers do not find this kind of form repeating in other tours.

As for the plane tour, it is also very attractive and is not inferior to the other tours. You will have a close look at extremely beautiful waterfalls, contemplating the entire landscape of Canaima National Park from the plane.

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