Visually Satisfying Symmetry of Ornate Hungarian Buildings

Symmetry and architecture go hand in hand, as buildings require that natural balance in everything from layout to design elements. Hungarian artist Zsolt Hlinka explores this concept with his series of perfectly balanced buildings in a series titled Urban Symmetry. The photographer presents a collection of exactly symmetrical representations of buildings captured along the banks of the Danube River en route through Budapest.

Hlinka further highlights the uniform architectural design by presenting the buildings in a homogeneous setting, with a monochromatic background free of distraction. This achieves a simple, almost whimsical collection that brings to mind the iconic Grand Budapest Hotel of Wes Anderson’s film by the same name. His digitally manipulated creations are perfectly uniform balconies, windows, and chimneys balancing each other out and creating images that are incredibly satisfying to look at.

Hlinka has achieved these harmonious reflections by manipulating photographs of real buildings, cutting them in half and then mirroring them to create a collection of fictitious structures. He accompanies the series with a short video, attached below, and invites you to have a look through his original urban façades that have been given a bit of a facelift.

2 thoughts on “Visually Satisfying Symmetry of Ornate Hungarian Buildings

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