Grow Your Own Veggies in a Professional Greenhouse

Founder Gerardo van Egmond, originally a carnation grower, took over the greenhouse nursery from his father and prepared a big plot of indoor land for hobby gardeners, which turned out to be quite a success. The benefits of indoor gardening are boundless. Besides a steady temperature, the greenhouse also protects from rain and wind, meaning there won’t be unwanted weeds. Many vegetables and fruits grow faster and bigger when cultivated indoors. In addition, gardeners can use the equipment and technology that comes with a professional greenhouse.The Indoorvolkstuin is in close proximity of Rijnsburg and surrounding cities such as Leiden and Oegstgeest, which makes it easy for gardeners to reach their allotment. Van Egmond rents out plots of 38 sq. meters for €60/month. While this is certainly not the cheapest deal, it doesn’t seem to stop gardening enthusiasts coming over from the entire region at the end of 2015, almost all allotments had been in use.Gardening at the Indoorvolkstuin is not only limited to growing your fruits and veggies. It also provides gardeners with an opportunity to exchange their harvest and knowledge with others, and enjoy a shared meal while maintaining social relations. A new expansion of the Indoorvolkstuin has started early this year, and there is more to come Van Egmond plans to transform the complete carnation nursery entirely into allotment gardens.

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