10 Happiest Countries in The World

10th place: Sweden

The land of snow-covered forests, the Northern Lights and magnificent castles.

9th place: Australia

It seems that you’ll need a lifetime to see all there is to see in Australia. And that’s not counting the Great Barrier Reef and amazing sights that you won’t find on any other continent.

8th place: New Zealand

Ever since ’The Lord of the Rings’ movies came out, everyone knows that New Zealand is the most breathtaking place out there. Both here and in Middle-Earth, so you know it’s serious. Locals pay for the scenery with constant earthquakes, but those tourists who make the trip anyway can’t help but fall under this country’s spell.

7th place: The Netherlands

The Netherlands is the country of windmills, cute little sheep, tulips, bicycles and canals.

6th place: Canada

Fringed with rivers and bays, the land of Canada seems to have been specially designed for photoshoots. National parks, hanging bridges, random bears, Niagara Falls, something will always catch your eye.

5th place: Finland

The home of Santa Claus and the Moomins. The harsh yet beautiful nature of this country has given birth to some of the cutest and funniest fictional characters ever.

4th place: Norway

Here you’ll find plenty of grim romance, fjords, ice and the Northern Lights. This is the most ’heroic’ country out there. Vikings and Valkyries are born in Norway, longing for dangerous and glorious adventures.

3rd place: Iceland

The local landscapes are so unusual that you can easily shoot sci-fi movies here without any CGI.

2nd plac: Switzerland

Romantic alpine slopes provide a gorgeous backdrop for those who live here. This is Europe’s most mountainous country. And of course, in Switzerland they make world-famous chocolate, which is known for its ability to make people happy.

1st place: Denmark

Elegant lakes with sandy beaches, toy-like farms and ancient castles, all of this is Denmark, the happiest place on Earth.

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