Moon Lunar Globe

MOON is a lunar globe designed by Kudu and Oscar Lhermitte, paying respect to the accurate topography of the Moon. Helped by algorithms, a ring of LED light follow on real-time the cycles of the Moon and lights up its right side. This project uses as ressource the latest NASA datas and its program Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, and the advanced expertise of the two designers, in electronic/mechanism engineering and molding.


One thought on “Moon Lunar Globe

  1. This is very beautiful!

    After sunset, one can see where the sun is below the horizon from the phase reflected on the moon, and so much could have been reasoned out before Copernicus (See Jacob Klein, “The Copernican Revolution,” in his book of collected essays.) I invented what is called the orary (sp?), then found out it was already invented, but an orary clock showing the earth in real time would be a good project for this moon company! Could people have figured out the Copernican universe from the shadow of eclipses combined with the phases of the moon and sunset? We still cannot see, for example, that at sunrise and sunset we are looking in the same direction, or as far as we are now from the sun, so we will be on the other side in six months when we whizz around. And say, which way is “up”?

    Don’t get dizzy thinking about it, just be real still at sunset and you’ll see the earthrise, and watch the moon move against the background of tree branches. (Prob’ly hepz ‘fn ya were burnin’ one!)

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