”10 Lessons For How to Work Better” Installed on Tall Building in NYC

how-to-work-betterAn iconic mural towers over the intersection of New York’s Houston and Mott Streets, a 50-foot-tall piece produced in tandem with the Guggenheim’s exhibition “Peter Fischli and David Weiss: How to Work Better.” The simple, ten-point list is one that is not uncommon, in fact it is one often encountered in artists’ studios and offices tacked up as a reminder of effective work patterns and collaboration.

The readymade work is an adaptation of a list the artists discovered in a ceramics factory in Thailand three decades ago. Critic John Kelsey notes in the exhibitions’s catalogue that, “Taken from a factory in Thailand and displayed in a supremely wealthy nation with one of the strictest immigration policies in Europe, the text becomes an ironic reflection on the way things go for commuter drones within a productively mobilized post-society, some of whom happen to be artists and curators: ‘SMILE.’”

Even observed without the history of the mural, the piece speaks to the modern notion of always being busy, a reminder to slow down rather than rush through each subsequent task. The mural is a collaboration between the Public Art Fund, Fischli, and Guggenheim curators Nancy Spector and Nat Trotman.

4 thoughts on “”10 Lessons For How to Work Better” Installed on Tall Building in NYC

  1. 11. Consider efficiency, as in “motion mindedness.”
    12. When paid to serve another’s interests, do so, rather than serve your own.
    13. Make money by creating value, not by holding power over others
    14. Sell only your labor. and diligence: “All I do for my wage is work (italics). ” Example: I will piss in a cup for no man living, because I will not sell my liberty.

    Can you tell I am an American?

      • I thought too of don’t steal even for your boss as an example of only sell your labor. I won’t steal from them then though either, though such will of course not please some. But these will steal from you, so you do not want to work for them anyway! I leave immediately, for example when a guy held 100$ of my pay to force me to work again for him, effecting my schedule, as I am self employed. I lost 100$, but saved the thousand he would have stolen from me later!

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