A Bike in a Backpack

From Bangalore-based studio Lucid Design comes the ‘Kit Bike’, a conceptual bicycle conceived to overcome the associated hassles of traveling with a bike.

Designed to be light weight, compact and minimal, the Kit Bike can be assembled and dismantled easily and quickly, without any engineering complications or the need for prior knowledge of bicycle construction. Lucid Design founders Amit Mirchandani and Anurag Sarda are passionate about design ideas that solve problems or common situations. Speaking of the trigger behind the Kit Bike idea, Mirchandani says, “We wanted to create a bike. We brainstormed on issues we faced with our own bikes and started from there. We liked the idea of easy assemble, least materials, simple configuration, optimal riding position and a minimal modern style.” While not in use, the bike can be stowed in a backpack divided into three sections: the wheels on either side and the components in-between.

8 thoughts on “A Bike in a Backpack

      • I hope the price will be in my range. I fell in love with the Ghost bikes out of Germany but mahn oh mahn, I just cannot afford them!

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