“Souvenir d’un Futur”

“First I wanted to document the people who live there, but when I began to photograph their daily lives I started to focus more and more on the buildings. The idea was to explore the past of the place, its future and present. I wanted to highlight the generation of elderly people who started living in those buildings when they were made and to draw a parallel between the aging of architecture and that of the human beings housed within. These neighbourhoods are often marginalised, their inhabitants side-lined. However, these buildings are more futuristic than ever more than La Défense, the modern financial district of Paris. You could never say what era these buildings belong to.” says Laurent Kronentallaurentkronental1laurentkronental2laurentkronental3laurentkronental4laurentkronental5laurentkronental6laurentkronental7laurentkronental8laurentkronental9


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