Magnus App: “Shazam” For The Art World

Brand new app, Magnus, (that works in NYC only now) is being toted as the Shazam of the art world.  Simple and to-the-point, the Magnus user only needs to point their smartphone at an artwork seen in a gallery, and instantly a plethora of information becomes available on their device. Title, artist name, medium, and dimensions are listed, allowing even uninitiated art viewer to understand to basic components of the work. Perhaps most importantly, Magnus also shows the latest market price of the work, whether this is the figure fetched at auction or if it is the gallery’s current asking price for the work.The brain behind Magnus is 31-year-old German art entrepreneur Magnus Resch, best known for co-founding Larry’s List, a database of contemporary art collectors, and for his brutally honest literary exposé on gallery inefficiency, ”Management of Galleries”.

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