Quantum Product Design Museum

The museum and exhibition center is designed to host the forefront in product design.

Vasil Velchev is an electrical engineer with more than ten years of experience as a graphic designer. Product design for him started as a hobby, but after some worldwide publications, he started to believe in his designs and to take it more seriously. ‘Quantum’ is a museum and exhibition center designed to host the forefront in product design as well as all important and iconic works created over the years.

Inside, the building has three floors

The three-floor building with two asymmetric bodies is connected through tunnels. Made of steel and concrete, the structure has an external shell with a fractal pattern of an aluminium alloy or other light material with a polymer composition that can be 3D printed. The building is naturally illuminated due to the use of glass façades on each opposite ending side.

The structure is made of steel and the external shell with a fractal pattern made of an aluminium alloy

Described by the designer as ‘organic-eclectic’, the structure’s shape can be geometrically expressed as a combination of overlapping spheres, displaced relatively onto one another, forming two asymmetrical corpora with different internal areas and balconies. Five corridors with mini-deformed protuberances connect them, representing the idea of the links between the past and future in product design.

View of the structure at night, illuminated from the inside.

At each end, the building has a glass façade that allows for natural light to flow inside.

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