Pictures That Describe The True Essence of India

Faith lies everywhere, right from the hills to the sands.

The united colours of India.Traditional Attire

Cricket is a religion first, a sport second.  Crazy Cricket Fans

There is unity in diversity.Candle Protest

And there are fields of gold.Mustard Field

A part of Gandhi lies in every child.Mahatama Gandhi Fancy Dress

Religion is cause for celebration.Ganesh Chaturthi

Our hearts our large even if our spaces aren’t.Too many people

We survive on agriculture, and we worship it.Wheat crop

Every can has a story to tell.Milk can

A cricket match is never missed.Transistor

Nature does what it does best.Mosoon and love

The great Indian roadways.Cattle

The circle of life.Henna and bangles

Our cows are supreme.Bullocks

And our priests, elevated.Priest in India

There is balance for chaos.Boat

5 thoughts on “Pictures That Describe The True Essence of India

  1. What a splendid post! And such beautiful words to accompany it! I completely agree with the title too… An apt set of pictures to describe the essence of this vast country!

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