Concrete Plant Pots For Urban Green Living

Designer Caroline Brahme has invented a product that consists of concrete blocks hosting green plants, entitled ‘Grey To Green’.

When thinking about the growing population in the urban environment, Brahme decided to design a product that strengthens urban green living. According to the designer, plants in the city not only clean the air and regulate temperature, but are also important for people’s well-being. In the shape of paving stones, each of the concrete pieces, which can be flexible integrated into the urban space, consists of up to 8 holes for plants to grow. The product was created in cooperation with Greenworks.

In a statement about the product, Brahme says: “With this project I am questioning the amount of space allowed for greenery in the city. Pushing the borders of where it is acceptable or unacceptable, and aspiring to lead the way for a new way of thinking when planning the many impervious surfaces in the city. Not separating the green and the grey, but mixing them. Bringing the green into the grey. Considering the rate of urban growth in the world today, I believe that this is really necessary for both the city and the people who live in it to function well in the future.”

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