The Stairs

The installation and exhibitions will open until the 12th June 2016, from 10am to 10pm.

The scaffolding structure, assembled by Dutch Steigers, will take visitors 29 metres up to the roof top of the Groot Handelsgebouw until the 12th June. A viewing platform offers stunning views of the city’s skyline whilst the iconic Kriterion Cinema, once popular in the 1960s, will reopen for this month only to host a variety of films, debates and performances.

“The stairs are a symbolic first step towards a better use of our city’s second layer, and ideally would be replaced with a set of escalators in the next step,” tells MVRDV co-founder Winy Maas. “It is, in this way, a second reconstruction, a ’Tweederopbouw’, that gives access to, activates and connects the rooftops of Rotterdam.”

“With this installation and in our exhibition we show what this city could look like if we do that in many places, engaging a series of our existing buildings and giving access to their roofs, to create a new, much more interactive, three dimensional and denser urban topography for the next city generation,” Winy Maas explains.

The installation offers an impressive temporary landmark for Rotterdam. The scaffolding responds to the angles of the Rotterdam Central Station, connecting the contemporary icon with a historic monument, whilst through its construction referencing the reconstruction that the city has experienced.
For the construction of the project MVRDV worked closely with Dutch Steigers and Adviesbureau Dekker Engineering. Coordination of events for the installation itself was done in partnership with Rotterdam Celebrates the City!.

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