Bronze Sculptures Brought to Life by Incredible Water Effects


Bronze may be a classic, but the way in which Małgorzata Chodakowska puts it into life is amazing. Yes, we have seen many, many bronze sculptures. We have also seen many sculpture fountains, those are the epitome of the romanticism era. Still, there is something quite unique and special in the water sculptures of this Polish artist.

The artist was born in Lodz in Poland and educated at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and now lives in Dresden in Germany working as a freelance sculptor.

The creations work only as classical bronze pieces and turn into fountains when water comes into play at the right place and the right moment. Then the paper boat can flow, the angel gets its wings, the ballerina gets her tutu, and the hair splits into abundant volume splashing tiny drops of water around.

lifebuzz-2ed0fd9cddfccbc720df4eb59f04a459-limit_2000DEU, SACHSEN, Dresden, 01.11.2012, Detail Boot vom Springbrunnen mit dem Titel " Spass an der Quelle" von Malgorzata Chodakowska, Skulptur, Plastik aus Bronze; copyright by Lothar Sprenger, Dresden; [Lothar Sprenger Diplomfotograf, D-01187 Dresden, Bienertstrasse 33a, Telefon: 0049-(0)351-8048012, Fax: 0049-(0)351-8951256, Funk: 0170-5250109; Veröffentlichung nur gegen Honorar und Belegexemplar! Konto: 0400192800 bei der Dresdener Bank Dresden, BLZ: 850 800 00]lifebuzz-2fe361ab4b1b4cb2dfac2e68ac9a8b45-limit_2000lifebuzz-5f6d9f9a68859df47660b1431ec1706d-limit_2000lifebuzz-13ec4de15fff0b9506311ba4005cae50-limit_2000lifebuzz-90b9ce128713c496a243266ae8043619-limit_2000lifebuzz-6666fb13e6acb02513337c3b58ea3f36-limit_2000lifebuzz-a1211f9dadbe775af8ac6a07491365b3-limit_2000lifebuzz-bba03ee5e36fdfd6e04e82eff7d9fd4d-limit_2000lifebuzz-bbf8313408eed6514d2e0227db4eaa15-limit_2000

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