Marina Bay Sands: Stay in Comfort, Extravagance and Art

How do you make luxurious apartments lavishing? If you live in Singapore, here is a great example of how to make that happen. Marina Bay Sands is a project owned by Moshe Safdie on Behance, created by Aedas associated architects and produced for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. While these details may not be that important to you, constructors do deserve credit.

What you may be more interested in is the actual look of this amazing hotel and residential area built in Singapore as a brand new urban district. The giant project is stunning: it includes an “82-foot-wide waterfront promenade, a 55,000-square-foot event plaza, three 55-story hotel towers containing 2560 rooms and a three-acre Sky Park across the hotel towers.

The hotel provides 360-degree views of the whole city and large sport amenities, swimming pools, spas and gardens. The best is the iconic Art Science Museum which features eleven art installations by seven internationally renowned artists. The art enlivens the museum Art Path that runs through the resort. Words aside, have a look at the photos, they tell a better story.

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