A Sun-Filled Chapel in Rural Argentina

Located in rural Argentina, ‘Saint Bernard’s Chapel’ is a religious building designed by architect Nicolás Campodonico in collaboration with a team of various other Argentinean architects, overlooking the vast landscape of the Pampa plains near the city of Córdoba.

A former site for a rural home, the chapel was constructed by reusing the century-old brick stones. The structure’s design features large openings through which sunlight streams in, creating a shadow of the dagger on the chapel’s walls over the course of a day.

In a statement about the design, the architects say: “In the limit between the trees and the open country, the chapel’s volume opens up towards the sun, capturing the natural light of the sunset in the interior. Outside, a vertical and a horizontal poles are placed separately and projected towards the interior. As a result, every day all year round, the shadow of these, slides along the curved interior, finishing its tour overlapping with each other.”

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