Havana Cabs

Thomas Meinicke is a talented photographer and photojournalist from Leipzig, Germany. In the early 90`s, inspired by Henri Cartier-Bresson, he started taking pictures of daily life scenes. For his series “Havana Cabs”, Thomas captured beautiful portraits of old taxis in modern-day Havana. All shots are angled from above, as if the onlooker is actually gazing down at the street from a typical Havana balcony.

In the end, these portraits manage to showcase the great variety of private vehicles that capital residents turned into taxis, to earn their living, handing them down through generations.

– Thomas Meinicke

Havana Cabs project shows the true historical witnesses of the influence that the United States had on the country for years, each vehicle is unique, often more than 50 years old and has gone through more than one DIY restaurations that gave it its own identity over the years. The antiques are still alive.

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