Where the World’s Richest People Live


Spoiler: New York doesn’t top the list anymore.

Global real estate consulting group The Knight Frank has just released The Wealth Report 2015, which offers a look at the world’s prime property and wealth.

The report contains an info-graphic created in collaboration with WealthInsight that illustrates the cities boasting the densest populations of ultra-high-net-worth individuals.To be considered an individual with an ultra-high net worth, you’d need to possess $30 million or more in net assets. In total, there are approximately 173,000 such people in the world. Instead of the top one percent, these elite are the upper 0.002 percent in the world.

Last year, New York City was the No. 1 city on the list, since it was home to an astounding 7,580 people with $30 million or more in net assets. That number has fallen dramatically, but NYC is still among the top five.

Of note is the fact that foreign buyers may contribute to the higher ranking of the top five cities on the worldwide list.

Here are the top 20 cities based on the number of their ultra-high net worth residents:

1. London: 4,364

2. Tokyo: 3,575

3. Singapore: 3,227

4. New York City: 3,008

5. Hong Kong: 2,690

6. Frankfurt: 1,909

7. Paris: 1,521

8. Osaka: 1,471

9. Beijing: 1,408

10. Zurich: 1,362

11. Seoul: 1,356

12. Sao Paolo: 1,344

13. Tai Pei: 1,317

14. Toronto: 1,216

15. Geneva: 1,198

16. Istanbul: 1,153

17. Munich: 1,138

18. Mexico City: 1,116

19. Shanghai: 1,095

20. Los Angeles: 969

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