An Alarm Clock Serving You Fresh Coffee

Industrial designer Josh Renouf’s ‘Barisieur’ promises to literally let you wake up and smell the coffee. Combining innovative technology with thoughtful design, this alarm clock-coffee maker, allows you to greet the day over a fresh brew.

Preparation for a caffeine-infused wake-up call begins the night before, when the coffee maker can be filled with water, ground coffee and even milk, which is kept fresh overnight with an inbuilt cooler. The brew time can then be set independently from the alarm time for the next morning. Speaking about the inspiration behind his design, Renouf states, “I was inspired by my research into the psychology behind sleep and relaxation, and how ritual and stimulation can help create the right environment for rest.” The Bariseur is currently on Kickstarter. Here’s where you can support the campaign and acquire a Barisieur for your bedside table.

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