A Bird Story

Petit Jean is a talented 43 years old self taught photographer and artist, who already fascinated by Beatrix Potter’s universe and Kenneth Graham’s magic as a child, plays with our perception of the world, mixing up our reality and that of the birds. After almost twenty years spent on marketing, this man in his early forties gives in to photography and contemporary art.

Jean contributes to opening up our minds to the change in the role and place of animals in our society still yet profoundly marked by the machine-animal philosophy of Descartes. In that way he is painstakingly striving for changing our look onto the wild and onto the long way yet to be pursued for the coexistence of man and beast : as one dies so dies the other.

This work I began a year ago plays with our perception of the world and that of the birds, like two worlds intertwining and somehow merging. My photographs are not enhanced by any means (not reworked by Photoshop or any other software). The initial step of all my work consists in building a model which is then photographed.

– Petit Jean

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