Beautiful Long Exposure Landscape Photography

Simon Roppel is a talented photographer, who was born in Palmerston North and currently based in Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand. Simon uses Nikon 810 and Canon 6D cameras, he shoots a lot of landscape, nature and travel photography. His aim is to capture the beauty of New Zealand and the movement of the sea sky and nature.

I am always looking to capture the beauty and lifestyle that New Zealanders are so lucky to have at their doorstep. To me, photography is all about being at one with your surroundings, appreciating it, being in awe with it, and trying to capture the scene just the way that nature created it.

– Simon Roppel

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Long Exposure Landscape Photography

  1. wow thats really weird.. my boyfriends name is simon roppel as well and he’s a landscape photographer too but based in switzerland 😛 the two should meet one day

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