EUR Convention Center And Hotel, Rome

Designed by Studio Fuksas, Rome’s new convention center is nearing completion ahead of its opening in autumn 2016. Located in EUR, a historic district of the italian capital located south of the city core, the project will total 55,000 square meters. The design is composed of three distinct architectural gestures:
the ‘theca’ a longitudinally-oriented steel and glass box, the ‘cloud’ a geometrically undefined shape positioned inside the ‘theca’, and the ‘blade’ an autonomous edifice containing a 439-room hotel.

The focal point of the scheme is the ‘cloud’, a steel-ribbed structure covered with a translucent curtain measuring a total of 15,000 square-meters. This part of the design exists in direct contrast with the rational building that surrounds it, containing an auditorium for 1,850 people and various support services. A parking garage for up to 600 cars is found at the complex’s underground level.

Once complete, the flexible building will host a range of events, including conferences and exhibitions. An eco-friendly approach underscores the design, with an integrated climate control system that allows optimal energy use. The building’s façade incorporates photovoltaic panels that not only help produce energy, but also protect the building from overheating through the mitigation of solar radiation.

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