A Suspended Hillside Home in Southern Poland

Katowice-based architecture firm KWK Promes designed ‘Konieczny’s Ark‘ a concrete home perched on the steep slopes of Brenna, South Poland.

Reminiscent of a boat as is reflected in its hame the house was built for Robert Konieczny, the firm’s owner, offering sweeping views over the surrounding valley. To combat both security concerns and the risk of landslides, the architects explain, “The solution turned out to be “twisting” the building so as only its one corner touches the ground and the rest is hang over the edge of the hill.” The house is accessible via a drawbridge, which acts both as a set of stairs and a window shutter. Wanting to apply a minimal approach to the house’s surroundings as well as its interior, Konieczny remarks that he realized “The best garden design would be lack of it, the best fence would be a temporary herding fence, the best approach a few rocks.”

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