Spectacular Symmetry of Beautiful Theaters

Symmetry takes center stage as architectural photographer Gilles Alonso shows off the spectacular composure of elaborate theaters in his series, Salles De Spectacle. The photographer visited about 30 performing arts halls across France and stood in the middle of each stage to capture his shots. The perspective of looking out across the empty seats allows viewers to pick up on design elements that go unnoticed when large crowds are present.

Some theaters present elaborate murals, gold accents and plush velvet seats. Others have a more modern, sleek look with black panels and chrome accents. But the series shows that although layout, format and decorations may vary, the time-honored elements of symmetry and simple design remain consistent across venues. “Whether one is in Italian theater with all its pomp, or in a simple, modern auditorium,” Alonso says, “the common point will always be this symmetry.”


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