Westerland, Sylt, Germany (Personal Travel)

© Alk3r (4)

Hey every one, first i’d like to say Thank you for being around my blog and check out my posts!!! These are some of the pictures i shoot on my travel to Westerland, Sylt (Germany), later i’ll post some more pictures from amazing buildings, bridges, churches, lakes and parks of Hamburg.

© Alk3r

“The faces of these blue statues were upside down!”

© Alk3r (2)

“Beautiful flowers, trees, and green, green everywhere!”

© Alk3r (7)

“Bikers, bikers everywhere on Sylt”

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This guy wasn’t moving at all, he was just standing there enjoying the view and letting us take pictures of him.

© Alk3r (25)© Alk3r (15)

“The weather was great but the water was really cold, only 5% of the people there were diving in, the rest walked on the beach enjoying the sun and taking pictures!”

© Alk3r (27)

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2 thoughts on “Westerland, Sylt, Germany (Personal Travel)

  1. I am of German decent on my father’s side. I don’t know why but the photo of the blue people reminded me of him. I immediately thought Ah, that’s my dad alright. Weird I know. I loved all the photos, but the modern buildings seem like they are out of place. Very clean country. :o)

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