Discovering Scotland Lights in Winter

Scotland is a country that is characterized by green wide-open spaces. French photographer Nicolas Rottier traveled to the country the last winter and came back with stunning pictures. He spend four days in the Highlands, the Scottish mountain region, and offers splendid pictures , showing the landscapes variety and the magnificence of the Scottish nature. Mountains with ochre rocks reveal all their beauty at sunset time, by reflecting in the quiet water, snow-covered summits mix with waterfalls and roads are drawn in those amazing landscapes.

One thought on “Discovering Scotland Lights in Winter

  1. I have never been to Scotland but the photos make it look unforgiving. I am also not a professional photographer, but I loved the way he caught the light across the land. It some how softened the vastness of it.
    Thank you for sharing. I do enjoy the photos that you post. I have traveled a bit, but not as much as I would like to. Your photos are taking me to places that are on my bucket list. Mind traveling can be fun too. :o)
    Thank you.

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