Tuscan Style Shines Under Rustic Influences

Tuscan style brings the vitality and warmth of the Italian countryside at home! If you love the benefits of simplicity and a rural flavor inside your crib, then you’ve come to the right place. The rough, unfinished walls were the first that impressed me positively, they give you the impression that you turned back in time to experience the primal ways of living. The cellar-like arches pair wonderfully with exposed bricks painted in white, writing the story of a calm, relaxed interior. When it came to items of furniture, the designer opted for apparently common objects that turned into statement pieces in this Tuscan style setup. Old wooden doors, original restored cabinets, ceramic vases and colorful glasses all combined with contemporary accessories make it a stylish, welcoming place.

Two ‘ancient’ wooden doors were fixed in a niche resulting into a chic storing place. One area was left uncovered on top so that some decorative items could be exposed.

Isn’t it marvelous? Nothing compares to the entrance of this bathroom that combines old with modern in a spectacular way.

A romantic bedroom painted in blue and white

An open space for the shower which communicates easily with the sleeping area

Less is more: a ladder, two baskets, two chairs, a sink and a mirror work just fine for a Tuscan style composition.

Cherry on top, a divine pool outside – perfect for hot summer days

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