Amazing Photos Of Wildly Beautiful Alaska

Blooming flowers below mountains, Alaska. The state motto is North to the Future. Photo by: Marc Adamus

Beautiful moonrise in Alaska. Alaska has been called America’s Last Frontier. Photo by: Don Paulson

The Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge is a United States National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Alaska whose use is regulated as an ecological-protection measure. Photo by: Steven Besserman

Aerial View On Chikuminuk Lake, Alaska. Photo by: Michael Melford

Copper river or Ahtna river, Alaska. Photo by: Ron Niebrugge

First snowboarders to conquer vertical Alaskan slope. Photo by: Scott Serfas

Aerial view of Alatna river valley, Alaska. Photo by: Michael Christopher Brown | National Geographic

Inside glacier cave in Alaska. Photo by: Michael Zelensky

Northern lights make night sky green. Photo by: Jason Ahrns

Kayaking at glacier bay in Alaska. Photo by: unknown

Grizzly bear says hello. Alaska is home to a healthy grizzly (sometimes called brown bear) population. Photo by: Kevin Dietrich

Moose cow and calf. The largest moose in the world lives in Alaska. Photo by: Michael Jones

2 thoughts on “Amazing Photos Of Wildly Beautiful Alaska

  1. I love these photos. I watch every show, well almost every show about Alaska. I could never live there, it is too cold and desolate for me, but, it seems so adventurous and peaceful to me,. I some time picture myself living there, then I realize all the hard work it takes and I drop back down to Florida, Must be Gypsy blood in me. :o)

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