Elmshorn, Germany (Personal Travel)

© Alk3r

These pictures are from my travel to Elmshorn, Germany! I saw there a river, a park, a church, a factory, a bridge, a statue, a bicycle parking, a lake and my favourite, a yellow house!

© Alk3r (17)© Alk3r (2)

“Krückau river, the veins of Elmshorn and Peter Kölln factory (Kölln flakes)”

© Alk3r (3)© Alk3r (4)

“This is the church of St. Nikolai in the centre of Elmshorn! I couldn’t fit it in one picture!”

© Alk3r (5)© Alk3r (14)

“Saw this outside of a library on König street (Königstraße)”

© Alk3r (13)© Alk3r (9)

“Green around the statue, well actually green was everywhere in Elmshorn!”

© Alk3r (10)© Alk3r (8)

“It’s great that the residents of Elmshorn are using their bicycles for their daily routines”

© Alk3r (7)© Alk3r (11)

Yeap this yellow house was my favourite, so i had to take it with me!

© Alk3r (12)WP_20160531_13_05_09_Pro1

“This is the Steindamm park, where people go for running, read a book, feed the birds even fishing.”

© Alk3r (15)

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