A Wooden Residence in Western Austria

Named after its owners, ‘Haus für Julia und Björn’ is a wooden residence located in the picturesque scenery of Austrian mountains.

Situated between a lime tree and a walnut tree, the barn-looking house easily blends with its location, a scenic region of Bregenz Forest. The architects from Innauer-Matt adjusted the house to the sloping site, locating its entrance on the first floor of the building. This level serves solely for a living area, offering the family a space to cook or simply spend the time together.

Apart from two terraces, the house also includes huge window with a bench, providing a spectacular view of the village beneath and the surrounding mountain scenery. Choosing the materials for the furnishing and floors, the architects decided to use solid spruce, all sourced in the woods nearby. These elements alternate with hand-made plaster surfaces, produced on-site from light grey marble powder.

Although the house’s decoration was designed to look discreet, it doesn’t loose any of its charm nor function, a lattice structure made of wooden rails protects the building from the heavy weather while looking like a carefully-woven dress.

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