Oh What a Wonderful World!

Jet wash in the morning mist

Unusual cloud that looks like angel

Ice cave, illuminated by a torch

Ladybug in the morning dew

Cloud that looks like a bird

Rain over ravninoi – view from the airplane

One in a million

The tsunami of clouds

A magical place in Austria – Grer See

A rare and wonderful atmospheric phenomenon – “fire rainbow” 

Rainbow refraction of light in water droplets

Morskoi sand under a microscope with a 300-fold increase

Rhodochrosite – Beautiful Shii mineral, also known as the Rose of the Inca

The view from the height of 8000 meters

Splash – from the stone thrown into the water during sunset

In rare cases, you can see a rainbow at 360 from the plane

The crystal clear ice of Baikal

Blooming lotus

Lavender fields. Dawn. Imagine the aroma…

Winter Fairy

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