Gallery Of Precious Stones

The Gallery of Precious Stones is an exhibition of rocks galore. An exhibition of stones displaying earthly things that have been admired since the dawn of man, and continue to fascinate with their colors, formations and sudden surprises within.

Perhaps it’s the extent to which one has to go to to uncover these rocks, or it’s the glee that the earth contains such treasures, or it’s the intrigue regarding the complicated substances that need to come together with time to create such wonders …whatever the case, it’s easy to become wide-eyed in this geological house of precious stones.

Constructed with simplicity in mind – courtesy of Henkai Architects, the Gallery of Precious Stones is comprised of a plain pine wooden grid, which allows the beauty of the stones to shine without aid, and the minerals to display their intrinsic value for any chosen buyer.

The layout is also simplistic, allowing for the stunning nature of these rocks to speak for themselves without the interruption of frilly design elements.

Definitely a jewelers delight and any child-like humans den of treasures, this Gallery of Precious Stones does a brilliant job at allowing nature to speak for itself in all it’s timeless glory!

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