Dalian International Conference Center

Arranged along a major urban axis and set to create an iconic mark on the chinese landscape, the ‘Dalian International Conference Center’ has recently been completed and inaugurated. The Coophimmelb(l)au Design features cantilevered conference spaces and a sweeping, faceted facade.

Theaters and meeting spaces architectonically match the dynamically perforated exterior and the public ground floor uses parametrically tiled skin to direct reflected light in the space. A 2500 seat conference hall is adjacent to the grand theater and continues the fluidity of the sinuously curved plan.

The large volume spaces are intended to house both classical theater programs as well as conventions, while smaller rooms, arranged like pearls around the major spaces, create a layered effect and veritably arrange the building into a system of squares and streets. The development is the major architectural gesture in the burgeoning area, making way for a future cruise terminal and cultural complex in the future.

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