Revealing The Power of Yemeni Women

Although Yemen has always seemed like home to Yumna Al-Arashi, it was only while working on her ongoing project in the region that the American photographer dedicated herself to revealing the country’s beauty, with a special focus on Yemeni women.

Conceived during an assignment in Northern Yemen, the series shows the variety of the country’s natural scenery. Al-Arashi spent long hours on driving through the vast mountain roads, stopping by small villages on the way. Accompanied by two Yemeni women, the photographer was struck by their strength and talent. Wanting to portray Yemeni women in a fresh light, she photographed them among the country’s powerful landscapes.

Speaking about her project, the artist says: “The reaction has always been so positive, from all over the world, which has brought me such joy. The playfulness of the colors in the series allows the subject-matter to become digestible for so many audiences that would be quick to see only one side of these women. They can now be seen for who they are, without the need to be just like everyone else.”

Yumna_Al-Arashi_Photography_01-1050x700.jpg (1050×700)


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