StadtPark, Hamburg, Germany

© Alk3r 19

These pictures are from my travel to Hamburg’s StadtPark. That park is huge, you need almost two hours to go around it. There is a big lake (Stadtparksee), 17 tennis courts, 3 football courts, 1 hockey field, 1 athletics stadium, 2 ponds, a paddling pool, a canal (Goldbekkanal) and a bridge!

There is a forest of trees and a really huge field of green grass for everyone to walk, run, swim, play, ride your bicycle, sleep, read a book even have a barbeque! I don’t know about you but i am really impressed by StadtPark!!! Oh wait, i almost forgot, we also saw a naked guy!

© Alk3r 20

All the paths that lead to the main grass field of the park have beautiful / colorful flowers left and right!

© Alk3r 18© Alk3r 2© Alk3r © Alk3r 17

StadtPark is heaven for every dog, i saw them running left and right like there is no tomorrow!

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The 2/3 of the Stadtparksee lake is free for everyone and the other 1/3 is with ticket!

© Alk3r 12© Alk3r 10 © Alk3r 7

Flowers!!! White, orange, pink, purple, green, yellow, red beautiful flowers.

© Alk3r 9© Alk3r 8

Funny story: A guy was playing here with his little boat and it flipped in the middle of the pond, so he went in to flip it back but he slips and get all wet, we had a good laugh! :p

© Alk3r 13© Alk3r 6 © Alk3r 4

Goldbekkanal was beautiful! People lock their bicycles on trees and went kayaking in the canal!

© Alk3r 3

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