Sleeping Under The Stars in The Swiss Alps

As part of the Null Stern Hotel, designers from Atelier für Sonderaufgaben and hospitality professional Daniel Charbonnier from Minds in Motion SA, have created this unique one-of-a-kind hotel room that has no walls or ceiling.

The hotel room, which was created with the support from the Art Safiental and Safiental Tourism, is unfortunately fully booked for 2016, but there’s a 2017 wait-list.

The room is managed by the local residents who welcome guests while bringing an innovative spirit to the hospitality sector. A club of ‘Modern Butlers’, wearing white gloves and bow ties ensure that each guest receives a warm welcome.

Here’s a photo of the team preparing the location…what an amazing view!

Fancy Sleeping Under The Stars In The Swiss Alps? Consider this open-air hotel room by the Null Stern Hotel in Safiental, Switzerland.

3 thoughts on “Sleeping Under The Stars in The Swiss Alps

  1. Reblogged this on TheKingsKidChronicles and commented:
    Okay. This is interesting, but with no walls or ceiling, one would need to be pretty certain there was no pending inclement weather, and being in the mountains, they would need to have warm clothing for sleeping. What about taking a shower, brushing teeth? How far to the nearest restaurant? Any danger of wildlife encroaching on the peaceful atmosphere? Hmmm. Think I’ll skip this retreat.

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