Friedrich Bayer Bridge, Sao Paulo, Brazil

The Friedrich Bayer Bridge is located in front of headquarters of the German multinational pharmaceutical company Bayer, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The pedestrian and bicycle bridge, commissioned by Bayer, spans the Guarapiranga Canal at the confluence with the Pinheiros River. By connecting both sides of the river, the bridge extends the bicycle path that runs parallel to the river, as well as provide commuters access to the metro station.

Inspired by waterlilies, the bridge consist of two round platforms or islands, 5.4 meters in diameter, supported by concrete pillars and surrounded by mini gardens planted with native species. The vegetation is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by around 300 tons per year.


The central span, connecting the two islands, is movable and can be swept open to create a 12-meter wide navigable path. The entire bridge is 90 meters in length. The main deck is made of see-through metal grating and wood planks. Different materials were used to separate pedestrian traffic from the cyclist route. Built at a cost of $5 million, the Friedrich Bayer Bridge is expected to serve 300,000 in the metropolitan region.


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