Monument Cleaners Share Experiences From Amazing Job


Thorsten Mowes has a more intimate knowledge of the worlds most famous monuments than perhaps anyone else on the planet because hes spent his entire career cleaning them. As a cultural cleaning expert with nearly 25 years experience, he has been commissioned to make wonders all over the world shine like new, from the London Eye to Christ the Redeemer. The places he has been to, stood on top of, or even hung halfway down include Mount Rushmore and the Space Needle in America, the London Eye, the Statue of Christ in Brazil and the Forbidden City in China.

2The team cleans Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

345Two men clean the Eibenstock Dam in Germany.

6A man cleans the Prague National Theatre.

7A cleaning expert cleans the Aachen Cathedral in Germany.

814The team cleans the Seattle Space Needle.

9A man cleans the hand of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil.

10Two men clean the Matsudagawa Dam in Japan.

1215Cleaning experts clean the London Eye.

13Two men clean the National Monument in Indonesia.

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