Aviator Shoots Stunning Aerial Photos of His Green Country

Bangladeshi Air Force pilot Shamim Shorif Susom, a passionate photographer, has been taking advantage of his profession and capturing breathtaking bird’s-eye photos of the lush green landscape and waterways of his homeland from above.

I grew up in a village. In my boyhood, I came to study in Dhaka city, the capital of my country. Afterwards, I got my job and had to move from one city to another. This diversity, this change in life and lifestyle – like everyone else, affected me as well. It was like a never-ending quest to look for your past, a piece of green , a portion of my childhood.

The way I see it, I am fortunate enough to fly, and fortunate enough to see my root, my village , my urban life from a different perspective. I can co-relate, I can mesmerize every detail of it. And at the end of the day, I’m capturing the memoirs of my reconnection. I am revisiting my country, my past, my childhood. He said

Located at the apex of the Bay of Bengal, sandwiched between India and Myanmar, Bangladesh straddles the fertile river delta — the world’s largest — formed by three of the largest rivers in Asia — the Ganges, the Brahmaputra and the Meghna. Consequently, the country has rich biodiversity with hundreds of waterways, wetlands, evergreen forests, freshwater swamps, the world’s largest mangrove forest, the world’s longest beach, various islands and a coral reef. Agriculture and fishery are the country’s biggest economy.

shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-22.jpg (1000×522)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-32.jpg (1000×518)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-42.jpg (1000×583)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-62.jpg (1000×567)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-72.jpg (1000×633)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-92.jpg (1000×557)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-102.jpg (1000×608)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-112.jpg (1000×677)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-122.jpg (1000×630)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-132.jpg (1000×666)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-142.jpg (1000×666)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-152.jpg (1000×604)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-223.jpg (1000×697)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-232.jpg (1000×550)shamim-shorif-susom-bangladesh-242.jpg (1000×579)

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