Incredible Climbing Photography

Jan Vincent Kleine is a photographer and traveler, who was born in 1985 in Hamburg, Germany. He shoots a lot of adventure, outdoor and climbing photography.

My fascination with the outdoors was triggered when back in 2005 I layed eyes on a magazine featuring double-page spread photos of beautiful, captivating landscapes acting as a playground to all sorts of people from hikers to climbers. It was one of those all too rare moments when a single photograph is enough to push you. To move you. To make you do things. Since I first saw those photos, I knew I had to see those places with my own eyes. I went, I took a camera with me and I was amazed. This was the beginning of my passion for the great outdoors and for capturing it’s fascination and essence in strong imagery.

– Jan Vincent Kleine

“Eight years later my goal is to create visuals that may be of inspiration to people in the same way that those photographs were of inspiration to me” he says.

6 thoughts on “Incredible Climbing Photography

  1. Stunning – they do acrophobes like me a great service…showing the beauty from above. If I were brave enough to do that, I would – but I’m not!
    Kudos to the climbers, and the photographers who captured this magnificence.

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