Dreamlike Photos of Burning Man


Photographer Victor Habchy has attended the increasingly popular annual Burning Man gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert for the past few years, and every year he leaves with surreal photos of dreamlike scenes thanks to dust storms, unusual artworks, and Habchy’s talented eye.


5 thoughts on “Dreamlike Photos of Burning Man

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  2. Thanks. I had no idea this new kind of living sculpture art was even happening. Surreal contraptions people can climb on and into that look like they came out the imagination of a fairy tale guy like Peter Pan, or a dream of Harry Potter, or that Surrealist guy with the desert clocks, what’s ‘is name, after he took a real job as a sculptor! And way more enjoyable than Calder or that other guy Johns, is it? Nice stuff out there in the desert. where Jim Morison leaned to play.

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