Stunning Photographs of Wildlife and Stars


Brush fires in Everglades National Park, Florida make for a dramatic Milky Way in this panorama. A photographer set out to inspire awe in nature’s wonders through the tropical wetlands of Florida.


UA Great White Egret under the Milky Way at the water’s edge in Everglades National Park. Wildlife and stars of the swamp, Florida.


A trio of palm trees frame the Milky Way at Everglades National Park, Florida.


The Milky Way seems to be the ultimate destination on this rural country road. Light painting was done with a powerful maglite.


A small maglite behind this Man o’ War was used to create the glow effect on Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida.


The full arc of the Milky Way required 14 vertical exposures stitched together for this panorama at Everglades National Park, Florida.


Dark Sky Island.


Beacons Of The Night.


Ocean Thunderstorm.


Photos by Mark Andrew Thomas

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