Ominous Storms Photographed in Black and White

Photographer Mitch Dobrowner travels the U.S. and sets up his camera in front of apocalyptic storms that rise above rural fields in Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Dakota. Inspired by photographers like Minor White and Ansel Adams, he captures breathtaking landscapes that remind us of nature’s raw power by juxtaposing the endless flat plains of the southern and midwest states with dramatic weather formations. Lightning strikes and tornadoes feature heavily in Dobrowner’s black and white images that at times look like moments right out of the first few minutes of the Wizard of Oz.

Peckham, OklahomaPeckham, Oklahoma

Peckham, OklahomaPeckham, Oklahoma

Bolton, KansasBolton, Kansas

Syracuse, KansasSyracuse, Kansas

Newkirk, OklahomaNewkirk, Oklahoma

Syracuse, KansasSyracuse, Kansas

mitch-9Arcus Cloud

mitch-10Vortex Over Field, 2015

mitch-11Strata Storm and Bales, 2015

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