Hilarious Portraits of Dogs Catching Treats

Christian Vieler is a talented 46-year-old animal and pet photographer and journalist based in Waltrop, Germany. Christan has been shooting amusing photos of dogs for the past four years. Vieler is self-taught, he initially got into pup portraiture completely by accident: He bought a camera in 2012, and wasn’t quite sure how to use it, so, he shot a picture of a dog to figure it out.

Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be that cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire and joy.

For his project titled “Fotos Frei Schnauze”, Vieler captures the wonderfully cute and hilarious expressions on the faces of dogs as they try to catch treats. The result is both hilarious and beautiful, as you can see just how much personality dogs really do have.

When I meet my clients – the dogs – I don’t know where the journey will end. So I have to master the challenge of what to do and when to do it in order to get the best results out of the day. For me, it’s all about the moments when the dogs are trying to catch the food.

Christian Vieler uses a Canon EOS 7d camera, 50mm 1,8, 85mm 1,8, 70-200 mm 4 and the really affordable 18-55mm lens.

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