A Luxury Off-Grid Getaway

For those who lack a hideaway among the nature but don’t want to give up on the comfort of a city life, The Autonomous Tent seems like a perfect choice, offering a luxury camping experience. Designed by architect Harry Gesner and installed by an American startup, The Autonomous Tent was engineered as a permanent structure, but can be also easily removed without leaving a single trace.

Offering the visitors all the charms of camping in the nature, it also provides a high level of comfort and luxury of being at home – and it does not require any foundation of utilities. Because apart from serving in a variety of ways, from fishing lodges to luxury guest suites, The Autonomous Tent is first of all sustainable. It uses the energy generated by sonar panels and has a high-tech composting toilet, among other features. “This revolutionary new direction in sustainable living respects every aspect of our delicate ecosystems,” describe the architects.

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