Polygonal Pavilion in Netherlands

Architect Frank Havermans has built this unexpected pavilion named “KAPKAR / SF – P7S” in the middle of Netherlands countryside. Built as a temporary artistic venue for the arts organization Stichting fabrikaat, this angular structure located in Nijmegen host cultural events in summer like exhibitions and lectures.

2 thoughts on “Polygonal Pavilion in Netherlands

  1. When we were tent camping around Holland with our 6-year-old son back in 1979, we came across a structure (a house actually) that looked like two dice, balanced on corners, one atop the other. I have no idea where it was located. We traveled up one side and down the other before heading back to West Germany where my husband was stationed in the army. If a photographer happened to come across it, I would love to see a photograph. I couldn’t believe someone was actually living in it. Wish I could have seen the inside. How would you enter, decorate, get from the bottom cube to the top? Photos of the Maduradam (the miniature city) would also be nice.
    Thanks for sharing. This is a fabulous blog. Hope you get some awards.

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